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Reshaping Email Marketing Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) have already been recognized and utilized by managers and officials among various corporations. Even though the curb of AI expansion is yet to hit the delusional science-fiction parameter, the advancement taking place presently is also intangible for good insight. The emerging trends of AI technology have reached the email marketing industry, providing a seamless transition into full automation. In the world of marketing AI, technology not only grants a strategic boost for more favorable results but also serves as a personalized automated data analytics tool. The AI-powered system makes it possible to arrange a computerized campaign of influx datasets driven by customers based on the stage of a user's journey.

The AI technology monitors past purchases, favorites, and browsing behaviors to set up matrices designs to nurture the customer's leads. The subtle nature of AI on e-commerce websites can be seen from the recommendation of movies in Netflix homepage to the inexplicably specific advertisements on Facebook. Presently, the worth of consumers’ data is priceless and AI technology has the potential to sift through it, providing valuable marketing insights to business professionals. Algorithm marketing has been in the picture of the email marketing industry for a significant period of time but it is vastly different from AI. The effectiveness and efficiency received from completing everyday assigned task are the factors which set AI apart from the algorithms and automation technologies. The capability to grasp a piece of specific information by monitoring day-to-day responses and optimize the full potential of email marketing processes is the feature that convinced business leaders to undertake the technology. 

The probability of knowledge and desire of every brand’s audience is infinite and ever-changing. The necessities of present day’s audiences may convert into significant needs for future customers and it is necessary to identify the changing patterns. AI manages and pre-determines the dynamic growth and provides efficient, repeated fixes. As 47 percent of consumers prefer to make decisions to open or ignore an email from the subject line alone, so building a concrete first impression is very crucial in an email marketing industry. With the integration of AI, the email marketing sector has received a hike in email opening rates but the total rate of opening hovering around 18 percent improvement is much required.

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