Reshaping the Mobile Marketing Ecosystem with Fuzz MMS
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Reshaping the Mobile Marketing Ecosystem with Fuzz MMS

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2021
Allen Ronald DeSerranno, CEO

Allen Ronald DeSerranno, CEO

With the launch of the new text messaging advertising platform, the marketing company is making strides in the mobile marketing space.

FREMONT, CA:  The online advertising industry in the form of email marketing has been around for several years. Once served as an innovative mean of the bulletin, the email marketing has been washed away with the ongoing digital renaissance. Moreover, the changing times and the ease of transformative communication have shifted the user ratio toward more privatized platforms like text messages.

With the volume of junk mail being circulated currently, the email advertisers and several businesses are switching to text messaging as their primary interactive and communicative tool which links them to the client base.

In order to create a difference, B-Scada, a software and hardware solutions provider for monitoring and analysis of real-time data in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), launched a new company—Fuzz  Mobile Marketing Solutions (MMS)—in the mobile marketing ecosystem.

B-Scada has developed Fuzz MMS to tackle the current requirement of forthcoming millennial. Furthermore, with the development of an internet portal to send mass SMS messages, the process of streamlining innovative ideas and online marketing are becoming increasingly efficient. From executing drip promotions and conducting polls to signing up users and improving fundamentals of relationship management, Fuzz MMS combines the text messaging with customer monitoring.

To provide an extensive distribution platform for the contemporary smartphone world, Fuzz MMS incorporates the recent online messaging technology and contact governance. The Fuzz solution is an internet-based pay-as-you-go system whose internet-based marketing tool will enable the users to increase marketing efficiency and elevate the customer’s satisfaction.

In relation to offering Fuzz MMS to help businesses integrate text messaging into their products and business advertisement strategies, the company will also provide advisory facilities and custom application development. Additionally, customers can leverage the knowledge of Fuzz in portable SMS messaging and cloud development to create tailored alternatives that can be integrated with the current business processes.

Previously, for its immense contribution in new connectivity, CIOReview recognized B-Scada as one of the “20 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers in 2017.

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