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Reshaping the Real Estate Sector through Virtual Reality

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The traditional way of house hunting involves roaming around with a realtor from house to house before finalizing the likable one. This process takes days and weeks for customers to find the house of their choice. Though this process provides customers a personal touch to exercise their choice, it also takes away a lot of their productive hours. Virtual Reality (VR) offers a workaround to this entire process by providing a similar experience while allowing customers to be at one location.

Realtors and agencies have the privilege of adopting VR to simplify house visits; instead of taking their clients on a tour, realtors can bring the tour to their customers. By creating models and VR simulations of houses, realtors can allow house hunters to sit on their comfy chairs and recline back as the VR simulation takes them on a guided tour of different houses. This experience enables realtors to showcase all the features and options available at each location through simulation. This allows customers to literally walk around the virtual space, look around the house of their dreams, and interact with the environment surrounding them. This feature can be further enhanced by adding audio-visual effects, in-game applications, and voice-over for a more interactive experience; customers can choose options, just as they would do on a game, to interact with different elements of the virtual space.  Such a guided tour saves a lot of customers’ time while providing them an immersive experience of visiting different locations, without physically moving from place to place. 

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