Retail Solutions Unveils Shopper Marketing Optimization Solution for Brands

By CIOReview | Monday, March 21, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: One among the best in the field of global retail analytics, Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) has announced the general availability of its new Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO) offering for brands; an innovative solution helping Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) shopper marketing teams plan, execute and measure all their events in an end-to-end workflow solution. The SMO solution will be delivered in conjunction with rmi (Retail Marketing International), the company behind the BASE software, the end-to-end technology platform powering shopper marketing activities worldwide.

"We believe this solution is being released at a critical moment for the industry," commented David Harker, Vice President and General Manager, Shopper Marketing, RSi. "With an increasingly complex path to purchase, Shopper Marketing is the fastest growing investment choice in CPG, yet marketers are struggling to understand where lift really comes from and how to ensure they invest on the most relevant tactics."

For over a decade, RSi has been collecting, cleansing and harmonizing massive volumes of daily downstream data records to help CPG companies make better, more informed decisions across the entire value chain, from supply chain to marketing and from sales to in-store execution. Its unparalleled ability to know how much product has been sold yesterday in over 150,000 locations at over 150 leading global retailers gives RSi customers access to the ultimate feedback loop: sales results, at the most local level, in near-real time.

"This solution is a great extension to our CPG and retailer-focused suite," added Jon Golovin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, RSi. "Last year, we promised the industry an answer to the digital marketing ROI question, and we proved our approach works with over 275 campaigns across 13 retailers and every significant category with the top 45 CPG companies. This year, we extend our reach to in-store and out-of-store physical events, to give marketing and finance executives an unrivaled understanding of marketing effectiveness."

Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) turns retailer data into opportunity – in the store, on the shelf and with shoppers worldwide. Designed to enable sustained operational excellence and to automate the path to purchase, RSi's proprietary algorithms, business processes and suite of intelligent, cloud-based applications help the world's leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers listen and respond quickly to consumer demand - ensuring the right product is in the right store, at the right time.