Retailers Modernize Operations using PLM and DOM

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TAMPA, FL: RPE Solutions, a prominent IT consulting firm has offered retailers their perspective and shared information about two high-end solutions that the vendors are increasingly adopting to simplify the complex processes, a press release from Digital Journal stated. The sophisticated solutions are Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Distributed Order Management (DOM).

PLM software, through a hub, assists in improving collaboration among all the parties that are involved in designing and manufacturing of goods for the retail market. In a recent article published by RPE Solutions, it was stated that business owners who are operating in the apparel, footwear and goods retail industries require productive PLM solutions in order to bring trendy and seasonal items to the markets quickly and efficiently.

The article also discussed the fine details of the PLM solutions. The PLM software manages product creation, bills of materials, technical specifications, sample management, costing and management effectively. And the most important of all is that the solution can be assessed by all the parties involved in these processes by allowing them to be on the same page all the time. With PLM software “there is only one version of the truth,” stated Rob Henneke, EVP, RPE Solutions.

Another retail management solution that the article noted was Distributed Order Management, which Henneke said “acts as the middleware that bridges merchandising with the e-Commerce platform.” DOM helps to determine the most efficient way to fulfill an order by reviewing the inventory available from stores, distribution centers and suppliers. From wherever the order comes, say web, mobile or catalogue, fulfillment is customized in such a way that the inventory is pulled from the best location. The software also cuts down the shipping times, manages the inventory much better and enhances the customer experience. “DOM leverages enterprise-wide inventory to hone in on optimal locations from which to fulfill orders,” said Henneke.