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Retailers' Pole Vault to Meet the Holiday Season Demands

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kiosks are gaining popularity for their compact design and sales opportunities generated by them. The holiday season is when sales take massive stride and retailers are always on a lookout to increase productivity. Kiosks help in marketing a product effectively by reaching out to a large number of people. Millions of buyers reach out to stores during holiday season making it the busiest time of the year for retailers. Often, retailers find it difficult to maintain the traffic during the holiday season due to the increased growth in buying rate.

To meet the demand of shoppers and enhance customer buying experience, kiosks are set up. Detailed information about the products and services can be availed at kiosks; this will save shoppers time and improve the buying experience. The need to enhance customer buying experience is to improve brand loyalty; when new technology is implemented, buyers enjoy the experience which improves loyalty. Strategizing kiosks placement is very crucial for the success of kiosks. Increased number of kiosks can be pivotal in the retail expansion because they are active and reach out to a large number, thus increasing the sales. There are options to set up endless isles kiosks where a customer can browse through the physical inventory available in store like an e-commerce site and make a purchase.

People are looking for time-saving options even in shopping. Buy online, and pick-up in the store is an excellent option for individuals to help them to shop conveniently. Even after the advent of e-commerce sites, people still prefer retail shopping; during the holiday season, the kiosk can meet the people’s demands and also improve their experience. Kiosks are expected to rise as long as retailers are concerned about customer satisfaction.

According to a study conducted by Persistence Market Research, interactive and self-service kiosk market is expected to reach $25,300 million by 2022. The spontaneity can be maintained in adhering to customer needs. Kiosks screens follow the brick-and-mortar system but in a successful way. The use of a kiosk screen adds credibility to retail setup, and it allows the retailers to gather data for analytics to study customers’ buying pattern. The widespread application makes it an ideal choice to provide hassle-free services during the holiday season.

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