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Reval Enters into an Agreement with SWIFT; Deploys Secure Corporate Connections

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Phil Pettinato, Chief Technology Officer, Reval

Phil Pettinato, Chief Technology Officer, Reval

FREMONT, CA:  Managing cash and liquidity is the key factor for treasuries. Reval, a scalable cloud platform for Treasury and Risk Management enters an agreement with the SWIFT messaging network to connect corporate treasury team’s bank accounts. The alliance also adds to the connectivity options that Reval offers.

The Cloud platform for Treasury and Risk Management enables treasury teams to gain visibility into current and forecasted cash positions. The major functions of treasury include global management of cash and liquidity. The solution also streamlines cash forecasting through integrated tools providing accurate picture of cash positions. It ensures access to short term credit and long term financing; thus, supporting strategic funding and investment decisions. In addition, payment and payment factory management centralizes all aspects of the payment initiation, approval and release workflow into a seamless process allowing stronger audit, controls and visibility.

Reval workflow helps in slashing bank transaction costs, optimizing liquidity decisions, and enforcing policies and controls. The solution provides robust financial deal management and visibility for users to manage, track, analyze and account the entire trading portfolio in one location.

The connection using Alliance Lite2, a cloud based solution creates a platform to send and receive all types of SWIFT messages including files, and transact cash management securely and reliably. The transactions can be made using the FIN, InterAct, FileAct, and other browse services over SWIFTNET. Alliance Lite2 comprises of Web interface and Auto client, allowing organizations to use either for manual or automated operations.

 "Our collaboration with SWIFT makes day-to-day operations much easier for companies that want a seamless treasury management experience. With the formal alliance between SWIFT and Reval, companies will have a mutually supported source of service for their bank connectivity needs," says James Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Reval.