Revamped Cloud Services from Google

By CIOReview | Monday, April 7, 2014

 FREMONT, CA: Google in its bid to have an edge over cloud service providers has enhanced its cloud infrastructure with its Andromeda networking stack in line for release in the coming days. The company sees major competition in Amazon Web Server and Microsoft Azure as they are widely adopted by enterprises. However introduction of services and cut in its pricing should bolster Google’s Compute Engine service.

The functionalities of Andromeda networking stack include distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, transparent service load balancing, access control lists, and firewalls which is certain of benefitting Google’s customers. While the entire infrastructure cloud market is luring customers by making their services affordable, Google has gone an extra mile by introducing value added services.

“Google’s new Sustained-use Discounts return that value to customers without the hassle of forecasting or predicting your forward cloud use. It’s a simple and highly compelling value - if you use more, you get a bigger discount, automatically. Hard not to like this value as you can now use more without worrying if you will be hit by the shock bill so many cloud pioneers have faced,” says James Staten, Forrester analyst.

Customers will welcome a cut in pricing for cloud services and with Google’s effort to initiate this process, enterprises are more likely to try Google out in developer projects and then expand.

“Google's deep price cuts and simplification of the pricing structure were a direct hint that they are committed to challenging AWS on pricing and passing on any technology savings to the customer...We believe that AWS remains the leader in Cloud computing but its position would be challenged more often by big competitors such as Google and Microsoft”, says Jefferies analyst Brian Pitz.