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Revamping Customer Experience with Augmented Reality

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 7, 2018

While augmented reality (AR) has been around in the technological domain for quite some time, with the launch of the popular game ‘Pokemon Go’, it was quick to catch limelight among laymen. Recently, many technology giants have been steaming ahead on capitalizing AR onto their future-facing products and experiences. Apple’s acquisition of Metaio, an AR start-up; Google’s 500 million dollars investment in AR company Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens’ evolution are only some of the many examples that give a peek into the broad horizon of AR and VR, and how they are soon becoming a part of reality.

In the mature retail market, AR is already being used to familiarize the consumer with the product such as, knowing its benefits, comparing the product with competitive brands or sub-styles, and rating the product. Augmenting product with prompting content, such as recipes, nutrition facts, how to use, and interactive widgets, has also evolved as an interesting way to keep the consumer engaged. Whether it is personalizing marketing content within wearable technology, or inserting moments of engagement into customer experiences, AR has the capacity to bridge the gap between real life offering and created content. By integrating AR into a familiar retail setting, as a part of shopping experience, people are not only able to connect with the technology instantly, but also positively embrace the innovation.

Gamification of food and beverage experiences, fitness, shopping, and other routine activities of the mundane lives are slowly being taken over by technology, making that an industry’s norm now that is aimed to create a more engaging experience for consumers. While in the olden days, retailer relied on printed pamphlets to advertise products or campaigns, today the scenario has drastically changed into driving a more technology-aided (such as AI) to enhance the consumer experience.

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