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Revamping Digital Signage with 5G Technology

By CIOReview | Saturday, April 27, 2019

As the world has successfully progressed in adopting 4G, network engineers are working toward delivering (5th generation) 5G technology to the general public and enterprises.  It is anticipated to be one of the additions to the evolving world of possibilities and is revolutionizing the digital signage landscape.

Digital signage, also known as dynamic signage, is seen almost everywhere and utilized for various purposes. Most of the organizations have started blending 5G with digital signage to deliver well-crafted and fixated content. This will be a big boost for businesses that are currently following the traditional signage concept to adapt 5G and rebuild their business model.

Unlike the 4G technology, 5G promises 10 times greater network speed than 4G with more data rate. With 5G at its implementation stage, it is expected to deliver latency of 1ms as compared to 35ms with the 4G network; undoubtedly it is quicker than 4G.

Comparing statistics between past, present, and future network technology provides a clear view that the latest technology enables digital signage to be managed swiftly and remotely. 5G furthermore, eliminates data transfer inconsistency that is being experienced in current wireless network systems. 5G’s capability to transfer data at greater speed will permit displays to broadcast high definition media content.

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Digital signage alongside 5G is going to fasten the response time, enabling quicker data processing and delivering accurate content for the viewers. This empowers the customers with better understanding and perceptions of what is being displayed in the signage. The digital content is stored and controlled via the cloud, which permits enterprises to transmit and stream high-quality media in real-time thus eliminating time delay.

Dynamic signage is one of the media platforms in which 5G is gaining tremendous traction in delivering appropriate information to the audience.  Success of digital signage depends on well-strategized content and 5G promises to deliver them at lightning speed to the consumers. But it carries along few challenges such as choosing network providers capable of upgrading the hardware to 5G and becoming compatible with the new high-performance technology.

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