Revamping Social Media Marketing Through Big Data
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Revamping Social Media Marketing Through Big Data

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

Ever since Internet became an integral part of people’s lives, it became evident for marketers that data is an incredible resource for advertising. Today, big data and analytics have become a vital tool for social media marketing. The advertising options like sponsored stories and mobile ads that appears in Facebook provides marketers with important data when users like a post. Alongside, various other social media networks like Instagram and Twitter have emerged as major platforms for marketing, which is mostly executed through influencer marketing. The data collected from these platforms can be a huge differentiating factor for companies for their social media marketing methods.

Without the use of big data, companies previously had to derive their own market data to create targeted ads. However, the scenario is changed today as big data platforms are giving marketers readily available relevant data, within no time. With powerful insights into customer segmentations, companies are able to generate better advertisements which are effective than ever before. Big data also increases the rate of success of a marketing campaign. This is because big data has provision for campaign simulations where companies can test advertisements within a virtual marketplace and make the necessary changes before the campaign goes live.  

Social media marketing is an ideal medium for powerful marketing and has transformed marketing communication from social point of view.  In addition, big data has truly remodeled the approached that choose to communicate with their consumers. With these advantages, big data clearly revamps the marketing strategies.  

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