Review Assistant v3.0 - Supports Multiple Authors per Review and Multiple Revisions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Devart, a software vendor crafts the next iteration of its code review tool - Review Assistant for Microsoft Visual Studio. New version 3.0 incorporates multiple new features like importing Team Foundation Server (TFS) projects and users, multiple authors per review, binary files support and many more. It also supports Visual Studio Online mode. The tool eliminates the need for switching between IDE and other tools by integrating the code review process within development environment. Also, Review Assistant can now be installed without the power of Visual Studio.

The tool provides a platform that initiates discussions on code without scheduled meeting with team members. At the initial round of editing, reviewers can add their comments and even mark the defective lines or blocks of code to be reviewed, which appears red in the code editor. Also, the unique binary file handling capability adds value to the tool. It can now be opened to review and comment in a relevant editor with the use of ‘Add File Comment’ command.

 In the case of revised edits, the reviewer can add comments to the existing code review; view what has changed since the last review and pick what changes to view when comparing revised files. While reviewing the revised files, all the associated authors are automatically added to reviewer’s list.

Generally, review participants have restricted access to close and delete other users’ comments, whereas all the participants receive e-mail notifications regardless of their role. As part of the release, branch names are displayed along with the user name in Add Revisions dialog box for Git. Due to security concern, account creation without password is no more allowed.