Revolutionary Collaboration between FireEye and iSight

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  FireEye, the chief player in alleviating advanced cyber attacks, declared the acquisition of iSIGHT Partners, one of the top global providers of cyber threat intelligence for multi-national enterprises. With the acquisition, FireEye forges the world’s most advanced private cyber threat intelligence operation. With higher quality alerts and the context to prioritize the most critical attacks with the response information, they claim to solidify customers’ security infrastructure.

FireEye has invented a purpose-built, virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises worldwide against the next generation of cyber attacks, whereas iSIGHT intelligence network monitors and mines global cyber threat development.  Both iSIGHT and FireEye are leading the industry towards an intelligence-led security model that provides organizations with the comprehensive strategic threat insights needed to combat increasingly sophisticated and persistent attacks. The size and scope of the combined FireEye Mandiant and iSIGHT cyber threat intelligence capability, rivals the largest intelligence operations in the world. FireEye’s existing customers will see immediate value in their existing subscriptions through increased protection from the iSIGHT intelligence network, which will feed core threat intelligence into the DTI ecosystem that is continually refreshed every hour.

“This acquisition extends FireEye’s intelligence lead with an offering no one else in the industry can match,” said David DeWalt, FireEye, CEO and chairman of the board. He added, “As the cyber operations become integrated with physical, geopolitical and competitive conflict, an intelligence-led approach to security will be key in detecting the most sophisticated threats and responding to them quickly and effectively.”

“Until now, only governments and large enterprises have been able to achieve intelligence-led security, but with the combined resources of FireEye, Mandiant and iSIGHT, we can make the benefits of intelligence-led security available to a broad range of organizations,” said John Watters, iSIGHT, CEO, Founder, prior to the acquisition.
FireEye plans to add new intelligence subscription models that include industry vertical specific slices, so existing and new customers will be able to purchase new threat intelligence products tailored to their organization’s specific threat profile.