Revolutionizing Data Management across Digital Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Monday, May 9, 2016
Dale Renner, CEO and Founder,  RedPoint

Dale Renner, CEO and Founder, RedPoint

WELLESLEY HILLS, MA: RedPoint Global, a data-driven customer-engagement solution provider, recently partnered with LiveRamp, a company offering data onboarding and connectivity services. Providing the benefits of data-driven decision-making, RedPoint is now planning to leverage LiveRamp’s capabilities that allow marketers to connect their offline data with digital environments. The company’s integration with LiveRamp will help consumers—utilize RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform to extend the significance of their first party data by offering reliable brand experiences, covering all digital channels. The Convergent Marketing Platform is an integrated marketing solution that obtains and leverages raw data to supply vastly targeted and timely cross channel connections. The company is empowering their customers with a wide-range of choices for allowing data from their RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform to be delivered effectively for managing contextual digital online strategy.

The company’s customers are benefitting hugely through more than 100 connectors that RedPoint provides to content management, digital asset management, analytics, web, email, social channels and media. RedPoint’s new amalgamation with LiveRamp provides customers superior flexibility and accurateness to determine message type, channel and media within digital ecosystem.

“One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is finding the resources and tools to help them become data-driven organizations. As more companies see the benefits of a data-driven approach, they will begin competing for fewer and more expensive skilled resources,” says Dale Renner, CEO and Founder, RedPoint Global. The company’s applications utilize a visual user interface that eliminates the need for programming skills, allowing enterprises to easily utilize data to achieve strategic business goals.