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Revolutionizing Digital Marketing with AI

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Investing in digital technology is a big commitment, and it can be when implementing extraordinarily complex concepts like artificial intelligence (AI). Digital marketing is one of the central applications of AI, and it holds exceptional future opportunities in the field. AI promises predictive analytics, better customer experiences, and targeted marketing that will undoubtedly offer businesses with higher ROI. Now AI is an essential ingredient in digital marketing capable of decreasing business operation costs, delivering improved customer experience and streamlining your marketing tasks.

In any successful marketing model, content is always a deciding factor. AI applications have helped online entrepreneurs develop better performing content which allows them to reach the right audience with more enticing propositions. AI increased the accuracy of marketing campaigns by eliminating errors. AI algorithms use data on user habits, purchase behaviors and communication patterns to choose the target area of interest of customers.

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Chatbots are an essential addition to the digital marketing tools. With the intervention of AI, they play a more significant role than ever, providing marketers with unmanned customer support services that enhance engagement, reduce business costs and boost sales. The chatbot offers round the clock customer support and provide answers to inquiries in real time and generating content for emails. AI and machine learning are capable of giving human-like replies to complex queries.

Voice empowered shopping is the most discussed technology trend of the present day. AI enables these powerful virtual assistants to help with shopping. Optimizing the content with voice search is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market and making online business future proof.


Using the ability of predictive analytics AI combines data mining, statistics, and sales modeling to predict future outcomes for online businesses. Predictive analytics shows impressive results in customer segmentation. It has helped online entrepreneurs gain leads with better maturation, nurture campaigns from demographics and behavioral data. Good user experience is a defining metric of any successful digital marketing model. Online customers seek seamless user experience when they interact with an online store, and with AI algorithms for geolocation and behavior tracking are offering unique user experience in store.