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Revolutionizing Edge-controlled Database Activities with New Data Management Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Alysha Brown, COO, FairCom

Alysha Brown, COO, FairCom

Technology continues to sophisticate industrial data management by automating almost every data-critical process. Here is more to it!

FREMONT, CA: “c-treeEDGE V2 is built with FairCom’s database technology, which has been embedded in mission-critical devices and applications in a wide range of industries and used by more than 40 percent of the Fortune 100. c-treeEDGE integrates, collects, aggregates and synchronizes IoT and IIoT data,” shares Alysha Brown, Chief Operations Officer of FairCom Corporation, a global database technology provider. The company releases the upgraded version of c-treeEDGE IoT Database V2, which includes various features that enhance data management flexibility in edge computing.   

c-treeEDGE is a sophisticated and distinct data management solution that allows organizations to conduct quick, edge-controlled database activities while opening the door to mission-critical and potentially life-saving choices that need to be made much more quickly without relying exclusively on the cloud. c-treeEDGE focuses on evolving itself as a unified multimodel database management platform. c-treeACE, the NAV API of FairCom plays a prominent part in c-treeEDGE by offering distinctive control of speed and development.

c-treeEDGE database connection enables cloud replication, simple data mapping and modeling, and improved integration while intending to provide flexibility and fast growth of apps operating on the edge.

“c-treeEDGE is designed to scale from the smallest to the largest projects with high performance. It runs well on a device, at the edge, in the cloud or the largest on-premise data centers. FairCom database code has been tuned and tested for forty years, which makes it ideal for highly reliable mission-critical database operations” Brown added.

FairCom Corporation is a pioneer in the computer sector and a worldwide leader in database technology. The FairCom c-tree-based product line has a customizable multimodel unified c-treeACE database, the "Ready-to-Go" c-treeRTG data management technologies for legacy systems and the unique c-treeEDGE IoT database for edge computing.