Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Nanotechnology
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Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Nanotechnology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 11, 2018

With each passing day, newer and better technologies are disrupting the manufacturing industry to help them operate their businesses efficiently. At present, there is a lot of buzz around the use of nanotechnology that allows manufacturers to build quality products at reduced cost. However, what exactly is nanotechnology? For researchers, nanotechnology refers to the work conducted at extremely small sizes, dealing with dimensions that are less than 100 nanometres like atoms and molecules. In the manufacturing industry, nano-manufacturing is a term used to refer to manufacturing at nano scale.

There are two broad way to approach the nano-manufacturing—top down and bottom up. A top down approach of the technology reduces materials to the nano scale, leading to the excessive consumption of materials and producing more waste. On the other hand, a bottom up approach creates a final product by building it from the atomic and molecular scales. Though this approach is time consuming, material wastage is minimal.

The future holds immense promises to the manufacturing industry as a whole in terms of nanotechnology, especially in the automotive and aerospace arena. The effectiveness of nanotechnology in these sectors can be gauged by its capability to create lighter, sturdier, and safer materials that tolerate greater pressures and weights, leading to improved performance. As nanotechnology creates smaller and lighter crafts, the efficiency will enhance in terms of fuel utilization. With the capability to boost engine efficiency, improvise electronic systems and reduce environmental damage, nanotechnology is here to revolutionize various industries including aerospace and automotive.

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