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Revolutionizing UX Design with AI

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 15, 2018

With the ever-increasing impact of Artificial Intelligence in our lives, it was only a matter of time before AI applications entered the UX design space. AI has many benefits that improve the way people perform tasks, and this can be seen in the many areas where AI has already been incorporated, like the many smart home devices that are available in the market. A popular way businesses use AI is through chatbots. Having been around since 2013, chatbot usage is now on the rise    because of the more sophisticated AI that powers them. They are also able to perform more complicated tasks than just using scripted dialogues to reply to users.

Enterprises are using AI to make some tedious processes human-free, like advertisement placement in applications or on websites. This saves companies valuable time that employees can spend performing vital tasks as well as saving money. Many enterprises use AI to tailor the data that is gathered from the users in order to provide personalized content that will be of interest to them. A good example is Google AdSense, which bases advertisements on web pages based on the users’ search history.

AI, however, is still being constantly developed and is still not on the path to replace the human element involved in UX design. Even though AI helps vastly improve content personalization, when it comes to actual customer service requests, users still prefer interacting with people. AI is not at a stage where it can think for itself and is designed to help humans with tasks to improve productivity.