RhodeCode Introduces RhodeCode Appenlight to Monitor Performance behind the Firewall

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: RhodeCode, an enterprise software company that develops source code management solutions, has introduced RhodeCode Appenlight, an application-performance-monitoring solution, for its customers.

Last month, RhodeCode acquired the Appenlight, an application-performance-monitoring provider, for its clients. The acquisition allows RhodeCode’s clients to allot team members to investigate reports and logs and to simplify and speed up the development of their applications by ensuring that the correct information goes to correct people, at the right time. However, Appenlight has authority to control and custom dashboards, error reports or performance metrics.

Based on a RESTful JSON API, the RhodeCode Appenlight enables developers and managers to sort the data and other important metrics for performance development and error avoidance. Also, by using Appenlight’s graphing capabilities, data can be examined to make reports that correctly show, in real-time, current performance levels.

“Slow is the new broken, and applications that are underperforming have been proven to impact the bottom line. Giving our customers accurate real-time performance charts that pinpoint exactly where applications are not optimized, empowers them to take the corrective action necessary to steer their business in the right direction,” says Mathew Powell, CEO of RhodeCode.

Moreover, the new launch also supervises application logs, enabling customers to audit and take actions. Its highly configurable search and filtering options allows users to pick the most authentic data from the ocean of logs and in that way, it helps users in not missing any important event. The solution is very compatible and can integrate easily with the popular development tools and technology stacks.