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Riding the Gamification Wave through Blockchain

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Owing to the continued interest in gaming, marketers have changed tactics in rewarding customers. As the thrill and excitement in games can increase the interaction rate faster than simply providing customers with coupons and gifts, gamification in marketing provides an upper edge to marketers. Through gamification, they can attract and engage more people from different age groups. However, only few customers find this effective strategy reliable because they always find the rules to be more in favor of the company than them. But this opinion of customers can be changed by employing blockchain in gamification industry.

By employing blockchain in gamification, customers are ensured with trust and reliability, as the data stored in the blockchain can never be altered. With this decentralized ledger marketers and customers can track all the gifts and coupons. Moreover, with the transparency that blockchain provides, people can easily identify if there is any unfair condition or rule in the gamification setup. This promotes an effective balance among its users. Additionally with blockchain’s chain of users, marketers can avail business contacts that can provide them with valuable insights. Furthermore, the transactions in blockchain are processed by crypto tokens which customers can acquire to attain greater flexibility in winning and managing loyalty points.