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RippleNami Cloud-Based Software rWAVES Enhances Information Flow through Maps

By CIOReview | Friday, June 26, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: RippleNami which offers fusion centers enabling asset management through visualization of data on a digital map recently introduced its cloud based software named as rWAVES.

This software integrates physical and digital information using maps to administer actual time communication and operation throughout the globe on a map benefitting customer interactions. This can be operated on smart phones, laptops, desktops and any commendable control systems. Utilizing instantly collected data form weather alerts, emergency services, travel information, social media and news feeds this cloud based platform will assess risks and update safety measures anywhere anytime.

rWAVES facilitates transportation of billions of data from numerous sources and formats into single and accessible platform and tailored to work in complex work ecosystems which possess limited information. It converts a bulk of unstructured data into structured data and user friendly interface and technically connects information to a map.

It meets the need of cost effective new hardware and hiring of IT engineers or GIS specialists. According to Phil Gahn, co-founder, RippleNami, people and device should get connected to computing power and meet need of processing, storage and location which is possible through rWAVES.