Rise of Sentinel to Extend Cybersecurity's Reach in Healthcare Sector

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA: Divurgent and General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services are now working together with an aim to extend their cybersecurity service offerings to the healthcare industry. This agreement will help in leveraging both the service providers to serve the healthcare with an experienced and enhanced security system to improve our client’s operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of patient care. Divurgent, a healthcare consultant firm offers a comprehensive suite of scalable cybersecurity services to meet the growing security threats to the healthcare community.

The security leaders such as CSIOs and CTOs will be equipped with the knowledge to handle next generation cyberattacks, eventually helping the healthcare industry to be immune for any cyberattacks. Colin Konschak, Divurgent CEO and Managing Partner stated, “We’ve concentrated our solution partnerships on cybersecurity readiness, education, assessments, and validation, as well as real-¬world security testing of an organization’s vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.”

General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services brings two core capabilities, Advanced Cyber Security Monitoring and Security Device Management. The Advanced Security Monitoring includes security supported by expertise of cyber analysts from their security operations centers. On the other hand, Security Device management handles the security and related information through a single window, by damping the business risk and breaching of the company asset which include capitals and records of clients and customers in a threat environment.

Providing the client with reliable cybersecurity is not the only thing that Divurgent team perceives, but it also strives to provide a strategic defense of security. Divurgent protects its clients from being breached and also behaves as a backup to its clientele, and envisions a productive outcome from the powerful collaboration.