Rise Vision Creates Free Posters to Support Students' Social and Emotional Learning
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Rise Vision Creates Free Posters to Support Students' Social and Emotional Learning

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Rise Vision Inc. makes free posters to help students engage in social and emotional learning.

FREMONT, CA: Social and emotional learning (SEL) promotes student optimism, goal planning, and interpersonal skills to help students develop confidence and deal with classroom challenges. Students are encouraged to discuss their concerns, improve self-esteem, work in teams, and settle disagreements as they return to in-class learning following summer vacation. Rise Vision has created eight FREE Social and Emotional Learning posters for schools that offer good words and motivating quotes to encourage students to learn healthily. The posters are available for printing and sharing via digital signs, websites, and social media.

“SEL is important for Rise Vision as it impacts students and educators through positive messaging and creating a safe and healthy learning environment. This is more important than ever this year following a pandemic which was both stressful and confusing for many students. We are really excited to provide these free posters to help schools motivate and encourage students.” says Shea Darlison, Head of Revenue

The posters cover a variety of return to school subjects that are ideal for students in grades K-12. We have your messaging covered in relationship skills, social and self-awareness, and self-management. The posters are made with vibrant and contemporary drawings to capture children's attention. They can be an excellent supplement to other teaching materials and are also well-suited for remote teaching settings.

Additionally, the organization has created digital Social and Emotional Learning templates to assist teachers in swiftly and simply conveying this critical information on their digital displays. Teachers save time using digital templates since the content may be scheduled in advance and displayed at predetermined intervals.