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Rise Vision Unveils Innovative Communication Plan to Reopen Schools Safely

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2020

Implementing a communication plan using the latest digital signage can make back to school less stressful for all involved, all while ensuring safety.

FREMONT, CA: Coronavirus lockdown measures have partially or fully closed schools for more than 90% of the world's student population across 186 countries and territories. Now, schools are expecting a reopen throughout August and September. To help educational institutions reopen safely and communicate important notices, Rise Vision rolls out a set of new solutions for education. The company has released over 30 professionally designed coronavirus safety signs, new at-home student communication features, and a temperature scanning solution. These paired together can help schools keep their communities safe and ensure that they can keep everyone connected regardless of the place where they are.

The safety signs also use subtle animation to capture student attention and display important notices like using self-assessment tools, social distancing, COVID reporting, directions to wear a face mask properly, and many more. Rise Vision enables schools to push content to their website, learning management systems, social media, and student computers for at-home communication. This gives educational institutions the ability to fastly push out essential announcements to keep their community connected.

Some schools have already started using the news features to communicate their message to their community at home. This allows the schools the ability to share digital signage content on the school website, in social media, over email, and many more. It is found that this new feature has cut the time educators spend on updating websites and communicating out to parents.

Rise Vision is a digital signage software provider. Since 1992 the company has been working to provide its customers with great looking displays.