RiskVal Extends RVPortfolio with Mortgage Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Jordan Hu, Founder and CEO, RiskVal Financial Solutions

Jordan Hu, Founder and CEO, RiskVal Financial Solutions

NEW YORK, NY: RiskVal Financial Solutions (RiskVal), the provider of SaaS based pricing, portfolio management, and risk management, has enhanced its mortgage securities valuation service offering by integrating The Yield Book's analytics into the RiskVal Portfolio (RVPortfolio).

RVPortfolio is a real-time portfolio valuation and risk management platform which provides a tangible view of a company’s overall risk, in addition to real-time Profit-Loss statement for portfolio managers. RVPortfolio is designed as a cutting-edge solution that can be plugged into clients' environments as a hosted solution in line with their security policies and budget, as building an in-house solution is expensive and has in the initial up-front development cost, along with several on-going maintenance hidden costs. “RiskVal’s modern SaaS/Cloud architecture provides enormous economies of scale in development, deployment and support. We maintain a close relationship with traders and portfolio managers in order to battle the most advanced challenges in their operations,” shares RiskVal founder and CEO Jordan Hu.

Hu has recognized the increasing demand for complete multi-currency product valuation and risk management solutions with the growing number of regulatory requirements and raising global macro funds. He says, “The financial markets are quickly evolving, posing a crucial challenge for in-house valuation systems to adapt with portfolio and risk management requirements.” By integrating prepayment models and cash flow data for pricing mortgage securities such as MBS, CMOs, IOs, POs, TBAs, and specified pools of The Yield Book, the fixed-income analytical and data products solution provider, RiskVal is able to meet needs for expanded mortgage coverage in RVPortfolio's service.

RiskVal has been helping the tier 1 and tier 2 banks and top-tier hedge funds, particularly on pre-trade RV analysis, strategy monetization, portfolio performance and optimization more than a decade.  Within ever-fluctuating market conditions, the seamless integration of The Yield Book's mortgage analytics will allow bond market professionals to make more informed portfolio management and trading decisions.