Riverbed Helps Sub-Zero Centralize 350 Applications, Delivering Superior Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure, today announced that Sub-Zero Group, Inc. is using two of the flagship solutions from the Riverbed Application Performance Platform. The focus is to deliver the fast application performance and application-aware network visibility needed to make a major IT consolidation of 350 business applications a success—as stated by BUSINESS WIRE. With Riverbed SteelHead optimizing application performance, end-user experience at Sub-Zero’s manufacturing plants and showrooms around the country is comparable to the user experience at the company’s headquarters. SteelHead SaaS helps Sub-Zero accelerate cloud applications, such as Office 365 and Riverbed SteelCentral gives Sub-Zero’s IT team a single source of operational control for application performance. The Riverbed solution ensures that applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues can be proactively detected and resolved before impacting business performance.

Sub-Zero Group, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of luxury appliances, including the Sub-Zero line of refrigerators and freezers and the Wolf line of cooking products. An MPLS network links all of the company’s show rooms, operations (including manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona), the company’s Wisconsin headquarters and primary data center, a disaster recovery (DR) facility in Arizona, and six affiliated distributors located in major cities across the United States.

In addition to delivering fast and predictable performance for Sub-Zero’s end users, the SteelHead appliances accelerate the delivery of HD videos from the data center to distributors, for a better customer experience in retail showrooms, all while reducing the amount of data going over the network by an average of 50 percent Office 365 has seen particularly impressive improvements. Without SteelHead SaaS, for example, it took 10 seconds to save a file to OneDrive due to network distance, bandwidth and latency. With SteelHead SaaS, it takes two seconds. Checking email and opening Outlook calendars is now much faster, as well. “People are happy with the increased performance of Office 365 now that SteelHead SaaS is in place, and definitely notice when it’s turned off,” added Niebuhr.