Riverbed Introduces Updated SteelFusion with Support for VMware vSphere 6

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Riverbed Technology announces its new integration of SteelFusion 4.2 to support vSphere 6 that delivers superior business agility, information security and application performance to Riverbed and VMware customers across their remote and branch office (ROBO) locations.

Riverbed SteelFusion is a hyper-converged infrastructure solution and a WAN optimization platform that centralizes data and physical servers from remote sites into data centers without compromising local performance and availability of applications to all the office locations. Tis enables IT to extend the security, resiliency and efficiency of infrastructure managed in centralized data centers out to every remote location where business is conducted including regional offices, local stores, banks, manufacturing plants, hospitals, government centers, law firms and other locations, providing business agility, less risk and reduced costs.

With the new solution, the VMware products can be completely updated and redesigned which increases the performance and scalability for remote sites and regional hubs of all sizes. It offers customers a unique ability to provision new branch services and sites with ease and agility, directly from a centralized data center without affecting user experience in remote locations.

The solution helps in: controlling data in the datacenter by removing sensitive information from high-risk locations; rendering data on stolen appliances or drives inaccessible without admin authentication; protecting data in-flight with SSL or IPSEC encryption; maintaining a limited set of active data blocks at remote locations to reduce risk; increasing application and data transfer performance up to 100x; improving visibility with application, network, and end user monitoring; choosing the best application path based on business intent and network availability; reducing data loss with near real-time synchronization of data to the datacenter; enabling disaster recovery by projecting VMs from the datacenter to the branch.

The users will have uninterrupted work continuity even if the WAN link is down by maintaining local access to VMs and data. The solution eliminates the need to purchase, install and manage dedicated branch backup solutions.

"Riverbed and VMware have partnered closely over the years to provide our customers with IT infrastructure that is flexible and easy to use. Our partnership and support from Riverbed provides a powerful platform that can exceed our mutual customers’ business needs," said Howard Hall, Senior Director, Global Technology Partner Organization, VMware. "With SteelFusion and VMware vSphere 6, the leading virtualization platform, branch offices are empowered to increase agility without compromising user productivity."