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RizePoint Next-Gen Business Intelligence Improves Compliance

By CIOReview | Friday, May 27, 2016
Frank Maylett, President and CEO, Steton Technology Group

Frank Maylett, President and CEO, Steton Technology Group

SALT LAKE CITY, UT: RizePoint has unveiled its new Business Intelligence dashboards, making it much easier for organizations to get an accurate picture of audit information to all employees in real-time. The intuitive reporting console gives business insights that simplify vital business processes, like Corrective Action Management.

"RizePoint is endowing customers to analyze and share their most vital information in real-time, from the board room to the most remote location," said Frank Maylett, President and CEO, RizePoint. "When an organization puts to use our Business Intelligence dashboards, they noticeably improve compliance throughout their entire enterprise."

Not only mere reporting, RizePoint Business Intelligence plays a huge role in unifying, analyzing, and serving global audit data. It also provides users with real-time information based on their role in the organization. For example, quality managers ascertain QA reports, marketing managers look for brand reports, and safety managers see safety reports. This innate experience is of great help to individuals at various levels of the organization thereby, increasing productivity and instantaneously isolating issues before they become expensive liabilities.

With RizePoint, business firms can demonstrate real-time audit compliance data and engage a large number of stakeholders as dashboard viewers. It also reduces audit time drastically.

This latest update to the RizePoint enterprise compliance solution also includes a new user experience, as well as a new look and feel, which reflects in the new RizePoint brand.

RizePoint mobile and cloud-based software gives a fillip to organizations which in turn leads to improved quality, safety, and sustainability of their products as well as services and facilities. This software has been put to good use by major hospitality and food service brands. It caters to more than 285,000 users in 120 countries.

RizePoint, formerly known as Steton Technology Group is considered to be one among the best in providing software solutions that proactively safeguard enterprise compliance—for both internally-imposed standards and externally-imposed regulations.