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RKD Group Declares Formation of RKD Insights

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2020

RKD Group proudly announces the launch of RKD Insights. 

FREMONT, CA: In recognition of the increasing importance of data and analytics, RKD Insights will bestow the non-profit organizations to confidently carry out and measure the strategies that grow strong, sustainable fundraising programs.

"The future of fundraising is shifting before our eyes, with a smaller number of individuals giving to a larger number of organizations," says Cathy Folkes, RKD's Chief Data Officer. "With only 26 percent of non-profits satisfied with their data, the need for the right partner, who can pair a deep knowledge of the fundraising world with analytical insights to target, acquire and retain donors at all levels, is more relevant than ever."

The RKD Insights team has many years of experience using the analytics to understand donor behavior and motivations. Operating as an RKD Group division, RKD Insights better serves the clients with advanced analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and donor management solutions to offer the non-profits with one source of truth.

"Data is the biggest asset non-profit fundraisers have in their back pockets," states Thalamus "T" Hill, Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics. "We're bringing everything together to map out the future for our partners so that they see sustainable growth for years to come."

The RKD's team of experts has the experience working with humanitarian, healthcare, disease research, and other non-profit organizations to disclose the insights that lead to fundraising breakthroughs in significant giving, acquisition, segmentation, sustainers, and attribution.

"This is a major step forward in the path to a data-driven fundraising world," says Dennis Moore, President of RKD Group. "Our team, in partnership with some of the best platforms around, has been able to create a single solution that identifies donors' needs, gives strategic insights and builds strong relationships that lead to growth."

Merging more than four decades of non-profit fundraising expertise and the next-generation data and analytics, RKD Insights provides the clients as a robust, omnichannel marketing partner.