Roadnet Transportation Suit 3.7.1 to Boost Driver Productivity and Better Route Visibility
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Roadnet Transportation Suit 3.7.1 to Boost Driver Productivity and Better Route Visibility

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Roadnet Technologies, an omnitracs company- provider of fleet and mobile management software and GPS tracking solutions, announced the launch of Roadnet Transportation Suit 3.7.1. It is a new version to boost drivers’ productivity and improve route visibility. The updated software is use in vehicle routing, scheduling, tracking, mobile workforce, and fleet management.

Roadnet Transportation Suite 3.7.1 enables to check the availability of drivers and vehicles easily for route assignments, aware the region in danger before assigning, and for Territory Planner. It also suggest standard for longer trips and preferred routes to assign for the day. The upgraded solution improves the visibility of driving activities to fleets route and dispatch trucks efficiently for better customer service.

The new features added in the release permits fleet to include goal distance when exporting routes, enables to view original description, license information about purchased product in the administration module, and new location substitutions. The assignments can be allotted from the locations notebook and have routes automatically completed when using the Roadnet Telematics Adapter. It can assign resources to multiple depots at the same time and prevent system lockouts in multiple-user scenarios.

"We've listened to user feedback and made significant and subtle platform enhancements—from customizable layouts to integration with Roadnet Anywhere, our SaaS platform—for an intuitive tool that can help individual drivers and overall fleet operations be more productive. We continue to recognize the market adoption of SaaS as a delivery platform and are ensuring that our investments in Roadnet Anywhere can be leveraged by our on-premise customers," said Cyndi Brandt, senior director, product marketing and alliances, Roadnet.

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