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Rob Keefer to Lead Illumination Works as its New Director

By CIOReview | Friday, November 2, 2018

With the development of big data analytics and data migration tools, Illumination Works (ILW) is decoding the future technology with its innovative software engineering services on numerous applications by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence techniques. From the past decade, the company has had a huge expert team working with a unique perspective and invaluable skills to analyze the requirement of clients and deliver its core solution effectively and efficiently. When it comes to software analytic tasks or handling big data, an organization should be strong enough to manage real-time data efficiently without any data loss or in an authentic manner, and this is where ILW steps in.

In August 2018, Rob Keefer joined the team of Illumination Works as the Director of Data Science. With his passion, vast knowledge, and experience in big data analytics, Keefer has led software development teams in solving complex tasks along with ensuring a better user-friendly perspective throughout the design cycle. With respect to his educational background, Rob completed his master's degree in Human Factor Engineering and holds a Ph.D. in computer science. Excitement and willingness to provide innovative solutions in the big data landscape through powerful data infrastructures has led Keefer to be chosen to lead ILW forward.

Rob Keefer can be called as an early adopter of agile technologies because of his interest in several software driven aspects such as program craftsmanship, agile process, and the usability. In 2003, Rob was one of the whitecaps of consultants involved in the development of an agile methodology for software process. Before ILW, Rob worked as a consultant for about 20 years with over 30 different clients helping in implementing advanced interactive products which are highly efficient and user-friendly.

Apart from development, analysis, and maintenance, ILW will be led by Rob to provide solutions on several big data-driven tasks such as IoT, data visualization, business intelligence, data integration, and agile enablement. ILW comprises of intuitive and insightful data-driven visualization framework where scientific visualizations, business visualizations, and optimized visualizations are achieved through enhanced intelligence tools. Due to digitization, the number of sensors used for collecting data is also increasing, with advanced data analytic technologies, ILW can analyze data more efficiently through sensor data synthesis, voice to text or machine-to-machine communication, and process automation. Furthermore, development and service provider of cloud technologies to clients has made the ILW team create an efficient strategy, that’s the best fit for client requirements.