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Robotic Assistance Will Augment Passengers' Airport Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, June 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Air travel experts will provide passengers with a sneak-peek into new technologies that are going to alter the future of air travel. With features like robotic assistants, biometrics, virtual reality and augmented reality, supersonic airplanes, and autopilot, the air travel experience is all set for change.

Robotic Assistance: Robotic Assistance will navigate the passenger’s to reach their airport with ease; it is becoming progressively more commonplace to navigate the passenger way through a crowd and also keep track of their flight information. Air travel is expected to increase travelers in the future years. In an effort to ease the air travel there has been a massive increase in airport traffic.  Many Airports have even hired robots that guide the passenger to the check-in counter and provide all the necessary information from the moment they step in.  

Biometrics: Biometrics is on the way to replace the need for manual identity checks with advanced technology—passengers can be automatically scabbed and be allowed to board the aircraft without showing passport and boarding pass. The passenger’s unique biological attributes such as iris and fingerprint will be adequate in providing the passenger’s identity to customs and airline staff. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Implementation of AR in the air travel industry has extensive potential. The travelers can navigate their way more efficiently using an augmented reality (AR) interface on their phones. The airport staff can easily verify a passenger’s identity and evaluate the size and weight of the passenger’s baggage using AR technology. VR equipment can be used to keep passengers entertained for hours while successfully blocking out the dullness of the aircraft interiors.

High-speed aircrafts will avoid the delay and negligence in air travel. In the near future, much mature technology will solve the problem and bring high-speed aircraft to commercial aviation. The automatic pilot system will lead to smooth and affordable air travel with lower organizational costs, precise ETAs, safer route planning, and air traffic management a cheaper flight tickets. 

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