Robotics Revolutionizing Surgery
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Robotics Revolutionizing Surgery

By CIOReview | Friday, March 23, 2018

The role of machines in the medical procedures is advancing with the progress being made in the robotics industry. For instance, an AI-powered robot named Xiaoyi, developed by Tsinghua University and iFlytek, an IT firm, passed the national medical licensing test in China with a score 90 points above the required 360. As per China Money Network, Xiaoyi successfully memorized and understood the magnitude of information that requires approximately five years of intense study by a medical student. The robot's learning ability is based on multi-semantics deep learning algorithms enabling the machine to learn medical concepts from books and medical records. Algorithms of evidence chain semantics reasoning and key semantics reasoning explain Xiaoyi's knowledge application ability.

The iFlytek chairman, Liu Qingfeng highlighted Xiaoyi's function to foster efficient human-machine interaction and spoke against Xiaoyi substituting human physicians. iFlytek is set to launch the robot in March for medical education and training, whereafter it could assist human physicians in diagnosis and treatment.

Also, according to an Economic Times report, today, a team of 300 plus trained robotic surgeons conduct around 700 robot-assisted surgeries every month utilizing 50 plus surgical robots deployed across India. The Vattikuti Foundation aims to install 200 more medical robots by 2020 for surgical assistance in India. Raj Vattikuti, the Founder and President of Vattikuti Foundation, emphasized the progress made in the status of robotic surgery in India, and the growing curiosity among surgeons regarding leveraging the technology.

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