Robots Interacting In Human Spaces Will Be the Next Big Thing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: “Robots have revolutionized the world” this would be an understatement. In the last few years they have drastically altered the functioning of every field, and continue to drive the impact of Artificial Intelligence on various aspects of life.

Amidst all the positives, the expensive nature of the technology has confined to fields like defense, hospital surgical suites and aviation but this is about to change as there has been significant improvement in the efficiency of technology. Christine Magee for Tech Crunch notes that due to this new-found cost- effectiveness, robotic technology is making its mark in the consumer market and driving venture investors to spearhead innovation.

Andy Wheeler of Google Ventures says that the current trend in robotics revolves around robots that can interact with humans and he goes on to suggest that, the falling prices of sensors is leading robotics beyond heavy machinery and venturing into human spaces.

The venture capital arm of Google has lent support to companies like Transcriptic which builds robotics for biology labs, Airware –a drone operating platform –and Savioke, which is involved in creating autonomous robot helpers for the services industry and has sprung into action in some hotels of Silicon Valley.

Another Robotics startup that is making news is Jibo, a company working towards making the use of robotic technology at home a reality. Speaking about the robot, Bruce Sachs, an investor in Jibo, says that it is like a cross between a tablet and a puppy with a companion that sits on the kitchen countertop and interacts with the family.

“There’s a gap on the consumer side of robotics because you have this expectation that comes from science fiction movies that these things can do absolutely everything, but in reality the most popular consumer robot is the Roomba,” says Wheeler. Roomba is a series of autonomous vacuum cleaners designed and developed by iRobot.

With all these developments shaping the robotics industry it is but natural to wonder if robots surpassing human intellect would soon become reality but for now, it’s safe to say that robots will continue to impact our lives far into the future.