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Robots, Smart Cars, and IoT: Security Propelling Success

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Much as we want to share our workloads with smart appliances and autonomous vehicles, human intervention is always more convincing than sensor-embedded machines. Although, people prefer self-driving cars over human inaccuracy and inconsistency as autonomous cars can’t drive drunk or wouldn’t fall prey to road rage, yet the inevitable question that arises: Can humans trust smart cars with sound judgments and sagacity? The sense of security, familiarity, and awareness are utmost important for people when it comes to entrusting a machine with a vital as well as a risky job like driving cars. Apart from smooth driving experience, humans wish to be in constant touch with machines to eliminate any chances of a mishap.

With sophisticated hackers on the rise, security is a significant concern for people leading a technology-driven lifestyle. IoT home appliances—smart refrigerator, washing machines, microwaves—being connected to the cloud provide an easy door for cybercriminals to intrude and misuse the data accumulated by machines. Similarly, hackers can just access an easy entryway to robots and exploit the machine to accomplish their unethical objectives.

IoT is making our lives easier, simpler, and better but if humans fail to seal the gaps and obstruct the path to cybercrimes effectively, machines might result in more harm than good. We must ensure that the machines we are employing to help us in our daily chores or drive cars to comply with security standards. Similarly, in enterprises where data is often the most important asset, proactive security practices must be implemented to thwart the chances of a data breach. In the end, security is what will drive humans on the path of success in a machine-oriented world.

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