Robots to Replace Labor Work Forces in IT Sector : Gartner

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ORLANDO, FL: It has been a common saying that robots will take over the business sector by replacing human labor by making all the business-critical decisions. They observe, learn and reiterate every move a human makes. Under this light Gartner, information technology research and advisory firm talks of few major strategic predictions which will take IT industry to its next best level reports, Michael Cooney for NETWORKWORLD.

The most common prediction is with increased opportunity to adopt automated content generation services by 2018, 20 per cent of all business processes will be authorized by machines. This means there will be a shift for human labor from mechanical jobs to more creative roles. The next would be the demand for 1 Mn new devices to come online by 2018, 6 Bn connected things will be requesting support.

Other predictions includes by 2020, independent software services out of human control will be involved in 5 per cent of all economic transactions for instance crypt-currencies bodies like Bitcoin will need to use pattern matching algorithms to detect robothives. Next is the being ruled by  roboboss in more the 3 Mn working spaces and with increase in smart cities and smart houses comes a huge risk of digital vandalism which will increase by 20 per cent.

Few other major predictions include the increased interactive programming and customer care services by 2020 ; smart agents will facilitate 40 per cent of mobile interactions, where the machine will automatically interact with the user and an algorithm will figure out the required needs to be met.