Robust and Comprehensive HR Solution by BizMerlinHR
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Robust and Comprehensive HR Solution by BizMerlinHR

Amrinder Arora , Co-founder & CEO at BizMerlinHR
Amrinder Arora , Co-founder & CEO at BizMerlinHR

Amrinder Arora , Co-founder & CEO at BizMerlinHR

Why this idea?

When we started working in the HR sector, we realized that many organizations were working with multiple HR systems that did not integrate with each other. In many cases, the customer had a homegrown system or the current vendor was no longer keeping up with the increasing complexity of the HR. All of these presented a clear opportunity in HR for the mid-market companies that had all the complexities, but tightly constrained budgets and HR workforces to manage those complexities. This helped us refine the exact customer segment and the problem domain to target.

What exactly is BizMerlinHR?

BizMerlinHR is a hyper-configurable HR software where you can model your unique data and processes precisely. BizMerlinHR is an open API data platform with rich data integrations to external systems for employees’ hire-to-retire lifecycle.

Since we started, we have been working to make HR processes more streamlined, more effective, and more efficient. Looking at the business world and HCM software market today, we have learned that mid-scale organizations often struggle to get what they actually want. BizMerlinHR has developed a highly scalable and configurable HCM software considering the needs of mid to large-sized global organizations. The focus of BizMerlinHR has been to create a scalable application that provides unlimited coverage of configurability.

What makes BizMerlinHR a Global HRIS?

BizMerlinHR's configurable framework, multilingual interface, and Globally compliant HR system make it well suited for Global MNCs. BizMerlinHR HCM software automates all of the core HRIS functions and allows you to manage your global workforce efficiently by handling regional and country-specific HR processes through separate workflows. BizMerlinHR’s AI-powered applicant tracking and hiring system enables you to hire the desired candidates seamlessly from different parts of the world. BizMerlinHR’s automated and streamlined announcements system makes new announcements available to specific locations or org units and keeps your employees (working with the company in a different country or city) updated with new announcements.

What is unique about BizMerlinHR?

Every organization has its own unique HR process and an HCM software can’t fulfill the needs of all organizations unless the software is highly scalable and hyper-configurable. BizMerlinHR exceeds the competition by miles when it comes to configurability. We understand that every company is unique and so are its HR processes. The employee experience is likely unique to your organization. So the HR software should make that experience seamless. Further, BizMerlinHR is extensible by its very design. You can create new sections and areas almost anywhere in the application, you can create and model your own business processes, and you can add and configure your own applications on top of the BizMerlinHR application framework. This is widely accepted as a new paradigm by leading industry analysts.


​BizMerlinHR is an open API data platform with rich data integrations to external systems for employees’ hire-to-retire lifecycle




BizMerlinHR has been named as a Cool Vendor for HCM sphere by Gartner, author of the Magic Quadrant. BizMerlinHR is cool because it provides choices to organizations with HR solutions while integrating seamlessly with the larger IT environment. BizMerlinHR has developed a robust system that enables seamless drag-and-drop integration to build your own working environment to fit your organizational needs. Gartner addresses BizMerlinHR as “one of the first examples” of a new generation of HR platforms that are expected to replace the cloud HCM suite, which is currently the dominant deployment model.