Rockset Provides Efficient Real-Time Analytics For Oracle Database Developers
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Rockset Provides Efficient Real-Time Analytics For Oracle Database Developers

By CIOReview | Monday, July 4, 2022

Rocksets real-time analytics enables developers to perform analytical queries at high speed.

FREMONT, CA: “Enterprises looking to use data from their Oracle databases to power user-facing analytics have traditionally relied on read replicas that are too expensive, or loaded it into warehouses that are too slow, said Shruti Bhat, Chief Product Officer at Rockset. Rockset now ingests real-time change data capture (CDC) streams from Oracle, and indexes every field to enable low latency, high concurrency analytics, without the cost and complexity of traditional approaches.”

Rockset, the real-time analytics cloud platform, disclosed a new amalgamation with Oracle, allowing developers to perform real-time data search and gathering from the Oracle database.

Companies are more interestingly investing in real-time analytics in verticals like e-commerce, logistics and delivery tracking, gaming leaderboards, fraud detection systems, health and fitness trackers, and recommendation engines.

With the worldwide inclination to real-time data analytics, Rockset's real-time analytics platform will empower developers to perform sub-second analytical queries, including JOINS with other databases, lakes, or event streams. Developers can execute databases much better by isolating analytical queries on Rockset. Developers can optimize microservices using developer SDKs or real-time reports through Rocksets integration with visualization tools like Tableau, Retool, Redash, and Superset. Indexing systems influence Rockset, empower real-time analytics at the cloud level and enable developers with fluent transitions and rollups to eliminate the need for batch ETL jobs.

Data is naturally listed in the Converged index providing fast search, aggregations, and combination with real-time data on a cloud platform.