Rohde & Schwarz Introduces Fast GNSS; Amplifies Production Testing

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Test equipment manufacturer for mobile radio communication, Rohde & Schwarz launched a new speed optimized production tester- the R & S SMBV100A vector signal generator with a focus on production testing of GNSS receivers.

The production tester examines of modules and receivers for satellite-based communications, it further monitors the basic GNSS signal reception and the connection between the antenna and its chipset.

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is used to refer the collection of world’s global satellite positioning systems including USA’s GPS, Russia’s GLONASS, China’s BeiDou, and European Union’s Galileo satellite systems and includes additional test functions for characterizing GNSS chipsets and modules.

The production tester is an ideal solution; simulating separate satellites for each of those navigation standards in the L1/E1 band. All four satellites can be activated individually; each with a high dynamic range of 34 Db.

The testing tool facilitates level changing without interrupting the signal, hence enabling users to simultaneously perform independent sensitivity tests for each navigation system. It features GNSS marker of 1pps or 10 pps that allows exact time synchronization between the tester and the DUT. It also offers Continuous Wave (CW) signals to calibrate the test setup or to simulate interferers. As a result, a receiver's ability to handle high movement dynamics can be verified quickly and cost-effectively.