Rolcar Takes up Openbravo Technology for Efficient Operations
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Rolcar Takes up Openbravo Technology for Efficient Operations

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 31, 2019
Marco de Vries, CEO, Openbravo

Marco de Vries, CEO, Openbravo

With more than 2,200 employees and 60,000 products on offer to its customers, Rolcar needed a new solution that would allow them to be faster, more efficient, and more competitive.

FREMONT, CA: Rolcar, a leading company in the auto parts sales market in Mexico, adopts Openbravo technology to gain better control and transparency of its retail operations.

Mr. Rogelio López, the founder of the company, operates more than 175 auto parts and repair shops and ten distribution centers. The new Openbravo technology solution deployed in the cloud with Openbravo Cloud has allowed Rolcar to incorporate all its front-end and back-office processes in each of the branches and at headquarters. It leads to an increase in operational efficiency and also to higher visibility and enhanced end-to-end control of its operations.

Marco de Vries, CEO of Openbravo, featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers of 2019 by CIOReview, confirms that “Rolcar is a clear example which reflects the degree of flexibility offered by our omnichannel cloud platform. On one hand, by supporting the adaptation to Rolcar’s business-specific requirements much faster and more efficiently. But also, particularly key in this case, by offering a cloud infrastructure constructed in the Openbravo Cloud and offering high availability, which offers the degree of agility and performance necessary to support the expected volume of current and future activity.”

Balancing an average of 11,000 daily tickets with a maximum of 15,000, Rolcar reached nearly 3.8 million annual tickets last year, including a total of 250,000 invoices and credit notes per month. Furthermore, Rolcar now has complete visibility of the daily sales along with more precise and detailed inventory information over every store, which handled around 13,000 stock transfers in 2018.

“Openbravo has allowed us to have a better understanding of the sales behavior of our products and customers, as well as improving the inventory processes for our auto parts and service centers. The above combination has helped us to be more competitive in our market,” explains Victor Manuel López, President and General Director of Administration and Finance for Rolcar.

Openbravo is a universal omnichannel platform provider for agile and ground-breaking commerce. Its Commerce Cloud is a mobile and cloud-based omnichannel platform that provides Retail technology and restaurant chains with extensive omnichannel functionality built on a highly flexible technology platform. It allows you to innovate more and faster and manage change more efficiently.