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Role of Big Data and Business Analytics in Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Friday, March 30, 2018

Big Data technology plays a vital role in improving overall customer experience, rendering advanced business operations and implementing fact-based decision making in multiple industries. New age big data technologies drive competitive advantage and improve the performance by allowing enterprises to provide a quick reply to the key business questions and address challenges confronted. Organizations should consistently develop skills of mining new data to understand business potentiality and performance accordingly. Big Data professionals, who can design and train predictive analytic apps for the recommendation, classification, and personalization systems by harnessing machine learning, are highly in demand today. Even statistical and quantitative analysis is deployed to understand the results obtained from the use of mathematical calculations, statistical modeling or research.

The power of predictive analytics and advanced data science is the reason behind the implementation of future strategies and immediate changes in the global businesses today. Big Data and analytics are entwined with each other today to deliver best end-results unlikely following the traditional approach. Earlier, analytics and data management used to be two different sections under one enterprise. With the emergence of advanced data science, such organizational barriers are broken. The integration of business operations with information technology has brought about successful enterprise transformation.

The need for better business analytics has also arisen for business transformation. BI, with its skills and technological efficiency, continues to explore and investigate on past business performances to gain insights and deploy business planning. The integration of big data with traditional business analytics helps in creating a data ecosystem that enables businesses to generate new insights. 

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