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Role of Data Analytics in Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 1, 2018

Security tools for network monitoring, event management and security information, and forensics is greatly influenced by big data, which is playing a key role in transition. However, security researchers should continue to explore new and innovative ideas so that they can keep hackers at bay.

In a bid to interpret the security of information, data on servers, networks and other devices needs to be examined. These advancements can be seen in security monitoring. Big data security analytics is an extension of security information and event management (SIEM), related technologies and advanced analytics.

In today’s nefarious digital world, it is easy to find hackers who are waiting for users to make a mistake to compromise their data integrity. Thus, keeping the data protected and secured from external and internal influences is of utmost importance. Data management companies need to effectively handle issues like providing safe data management solutions that prevents data loss owing to accident, protects confidentiality of data through checks and measures, timely backups, and keeping an eye on idleness of data.

The available data sources have been growing at a tremendous speed. Importance is also given on the availability and quality of data and information that can improve the knowledge of mass audience in the security sphere. The application of big data in key innovative areas within the safety and security domain are used in discovering and predicting safety and security-related trends in the society. The continuing increase in gathering of information demands descriptive concepts in the processing of data.

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