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Role of Intranet in Reviving Retail Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 31, 2019

The retail industry is in a dire need to change strategies with the growing popularity of online shopping. Several retail chains like Sam’s Club and Bon Tons have closed their doors in the U.S. in the last year, indicating a significant shift in the buying behavior of the customers.

Retail enterprises have started turning to digital medium to attract customers and to have an edge over their counterparts. Intranet has become an indispensable corporate tool for retailers by offering significant benefits. Here are a few key areas in which intranet has helped to drive business growth:

Employees: Retail industry is facing a fierce battle to attract and retain talents as the industry is suffering from low job satisfaction and high employee turnover rates. Employees in the back office and shop floors always feel undervalued. Retailers can overcome this situation by surveying employees and monitoring employee satisfaction changes. Intranet can help retailers in breaking this barrier by unifying a distributed workforce to foster greater employee engagement.

Customers: Customer experience is paramount for any business. The retail industry is suffering because of bad customer experience. Intranet can be a vital tool in supporting employees to solve customer issues. The intranet should be accessible to the employees to avail appropriate training whenever an employee requires. It helps the employees to access the necessary information to solve customer issues and appear knowledgeable about any product.

Competition: The key to succeeding in this cut-throat business environment is to be a step ahead of their competition. Digital tools can be an ideal ally for retailers to stay ahead of the race. Intranet offers perfect communication channels which the retail employees can use to communicate problems and impart solutions. These communication channels act as a trusted source of information to help employees cater to their customers.

Intranet acts an indispensable tool for retailers by creating a community of engaged employees. It helps an employee to contribute to their organization’s vision. 

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