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ROVA Makes Tom Thimot its Executive Chairman

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Thimot, former ROVA advisor and board member, will be responsible for designing ROVA's long-term growth strategy and expansion plans in his current position.

FREMONT, CA: ROVA, a proprietary software company that allows remote work, today reported that Tom Thimot has joined the company as Executive Chairman. The firm providing carriers with a turnkey enterprise mobility management system, has hired Thimot to scale the company as companies and academic institutions continue to focus on technology that allows remote work and learning.

ROVA, which stands for Remote Orchestration Virtual Administrator, allows secure, manageable, and reliable network access for remote staff through its proprietary applications for smartphones, mobile hotspots, and laptops. Thimot, former ROVA advisor and board member, will be responsible for designing ROVA's long-term growth strategy and expansion plans in his current position.

"I admire the entrepreneurial mentality of ROVAs founders and their ability to forge long-term relationships with partners, including a 12-year relationship with one of the largest global carriers," said Tom Thimot, Executive Chairman, ROVA. "We have seen that remote work is now table stakes, and I believe ROVA offers the software essential to sustain this marketplace shift and ultimately become the dominant SaaS platform for carriers to enable the remote worker and the remote consumer."

The pandemic triggered a catalytic transition that demanded remote connections with both companies and research institutions, many of which could not function remotely. In response, ROVA has seen an increased demand for its main enterprise mobility management tools, particularly among small and medium-sized companies, as well as academic institutions. After March, it has grown its user base by almost 6.5x from 3,250 to over 21,000 business customers. During the same timeframe, ROVA raised the number of approved devices from 380,000 to over one million. Acquiring an average of 300 new business clients and 5,000 new devices every day, the firm has recently surpassed the daily record by adding 70,000 devices in one day. Thanks to its work with learning institutions, its technology now allows half a million children to study remotely worldwide, many in low-income areas.

"We take pride in our history of helping organizations of all sizes manage through dramatic, often devastating, change. We first launched our beta enterprise software after Sept. 11th when thousands of workers were displaced and companies recognized a need for mobile device management. We are experiencing a similar transformation today that is impacting all aspects of our lives," said Joe Bronowich, founder and CEO, ROVA. "Our mission has always been to help companies improve the mobility of their business safely and efficiently. We are proud to support so many small and medium sized businesses, as well as numerous schools in underserved communities throughout this pandemic."

"Our proprietary software delivered via a SaaS distribution model positions ROVA to offer carriers both large margins and a 20X ROI that combines wireless pull through, add on gross profit, and significantly reduced churn. This creates a compelling value proposition positioning ROVA to become the global standard for carriers to enable remote work and learning," added Thimot.

Thimot has completed five separate funding exercises for various high-growth technology firms, totaling more than $100 million in private equity and venture capital markets. Each fundraising is more than twice the previous value. Thimot was recently CEO of venture capital-backed Socure, where he expanded the number of small company clients five-fold and raised 65 million dollars in new capital. He also held the role of CEO of a listed NASDAQ company and a private equity-backed data and analytics firm that was sold to Accenture.

Since its inception, ROVA has been entirely self-funded and successful. Combined with the 2020 social changes, its market leadership has driven ROVA to a significant sales rise of more than 300 percent year-over-year, with nearly all growth due to new, recurring subscriptions.