Roxtec to Increase its Agility Using Riverbed Products

By CIOReview | Monday, March 21, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: An Application Performance Infrastructure solution provider, Riverbed announces deployment of its products ‘SteelFusion’ and ‘SteelHead’ by Roxtec to improve the IT efficiency of its branch offices through simplified and streamlined data networks. Roxtec is a global manufacturer of cable and pipe seals for industries like marine, construction, energy and many more.

Roxtec faced some challenges in managing the IT infrastructure which was previously fragmented by rapid business growth around 10percent to 15percent annually. Deploying Riverbed products enhanced IT efficiency and supported about 15 percent to 20 percent growth annually. The company had a main data centre which maintained 23 subsidiaries on a global Wide Area Network (WAN).  The branch office sites were featured with backup and storage of data on their local servers. Gradually, as Roxtec witnessed rapid business expansion, WAN encountered huge amount of data traffic and duplication. To prevent hitting a brick wall during such a business expansion, Roxtec deployed Riverbed’s products into their WAN.  Johan Jartelius, CIO, Roxtec says, “We can now manage our IT from one place. If we want to launch a new application, I can do it all from the data center.”

The product SteelFusion Hyper-Converged Edge enables the portability included in accessing and sharing the data through cloud. The product eliminates the backup-recovery of Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO) by removing the physical servers, and consolidating all the IT operations. The product leverages cloud, reducing the maintenance involved in the WAN and suppressed provisioning of IT systems from remote offices across the dedicated servers. To ensure the safety and security of the data, it is encrypted to prevent breaches. The SteelFusion is accelerated by embedding SteelHead WAN which streamlines applications and data traffic, reducing data congestion upto 30 percent and Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) traffic by 65 percent easing the work of Roxtec’s branch user. SteelHead improved agility Roxtec’s sales force to access files and applications with improved efficiency.  “The most important thing was the ability to scale, which was only possible with the centralization of applications and data; SteelHead Mobile connects the roaming sales team to the branch office, which improves application speeds and maintains productivity” said Johan.