RURO and ISENET Ally to Develop LIMS for Biobanks
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RURO and ISENET Ally to Develop LIMS for Biobanks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FREMONT, CA: RURO, a developer of software for research, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, healthcare and government laboratories announces alliance with Integrated Systems Engineering (ISENET) to deliver laboratory management software (LIMS) solutions for biobanks, tissue banks and tissue microarray core laboratories. The partnership combines ISENET’s biobank and tissue microarray expertise with RURO’s laboratory-focused software engineering capabilities to benefit the customers of both companies.

FreezerPro software is a frozen sample management solution. It is a web-based application for users to know exactly where a sample is located even before opening the freezer door including automatic alerts for low number of sample aliquots, sample expiration date, sample volume, and freeze-thaw count with powerful reporting tools.

The LIMFINITY software is a customizable Master Data and Process Management solution that enhances inventory management, automates workflows, eases data transfer with integrated machines and systems, facilitates communication with customers and collaborators, and increases the transparency of overall laboratory management. Workflow-based, it includes flexible dashboards, configurable reports, and functionality for simpler adoption by users ensuring the system remains viable for a laboratory or an organization. The optional Tissue Management Module automatically keeps a track of the complex, hierarchical relationships between donors, tissues, and derivatives graphically displaying Tissue Microarray Blocks for easy design and data entry.

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ezColony software aids in efficient transgenic animal and facility management. It includes tools for managing transgenic animal colonies, including planning and tracking functions necessary to derive new lines, maintains existing lines, and archive lines for future data use. The software is web-based to allow real-time data access to authorized personnel only.  It also includes many communication and notification tools. A powerful search engine supports real-time monitoring of colony status, history, genotype, and other data fields. A comprehensive audit trail automatically records changes for review or reporting.

“In order to function effectively and safely, a biobank must be able to physically maintain its assets under optimal conditions for preservation, but proper data management is the second half of a successful biobank. Without accurate and searchable data, assets in a biobank are virtually useless. The partnership between RURO and ISENET brings together the expertise necessary to achieve both goals,” says Tom Dolan, COO, RURO.

Galileo Tissue Microarray platform by ISENET is a TMA (Tissue Micro Array) family of instruments with an open architecture to allow different sizes of paraffin blocks (standard, macro and 120x80 mega paraffin blocks) and 96 well plate formats with the pick and dispense function for DNA/RNA extractions. Through its interface with RURO software and the capability to integrate with the major commercial scanners (Aperio, Hamamatsu, Huron, and TissueGnostrics) to provide traceability between the Donor and its TMA spot.