RxNT's Mobile ePrescribing Application Now Serves Android Users

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 10, 2015

ANNAPOLIS, MD: In the modern world, every aspect of life has been affiliated to technological innovations. On similar lines, physicians and medical practitioners are now able to write and send the prescriptions online. One such technology developed by RxNT for iPad and iPhone – the EPCS-certified ePrescribing application is now available for use on Android devices as well. The app runs on the latest versions of Android namely Lollipop, KitKat and Jelly Bean.

“RxNT is dedicated to providing customers a streamlined ePrescribing solution that is accessible and easy to use,” says Thomas Kavukat, CTO, RxNT.

Users can utilize RxNT’s suite of e-health solutions includes PM, eHR and eRx. It focuses on enhancing clinical care. The recent update brings-in a fresh look and easy to use interface which supports improved patient and medication search capabilities. Also, it introduces a new feature called ‘Add Patient ‘and a default option for prescriber and patient favorite pharmacy. The application will provide electronic connectivity in order to send mails regarding the orders to retail pharmacies; so that the need of phone calls and faxes are minimized.

The application is integrated with RxNT’s EHR (Electronic Health Records) and PM (Practice Management). With EHR, clinics can update patient allergies, family history, and immunizations whereas; PM utilizes fastest still reliable data structures and programming languages to provide a better control over revenue management, medical billing, and collections. A tightly integrated patient scheduler takes control over patient appointments, including mobile and iPad patient check-in, insurance eligibility, flexible room and asset configurations.

“By providing our customers with cloud-based mobile solutions that work well with the devices they already use and are intimately familiar with, we deliver on our goal of providing customers easy-to-use solutions that save them time and money.” remarks Thomas.