S3 Growing Analytics Interest, Added TradeStation for Its Best Execution

By CIOReview | Monday, May 16, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: Focusing on transparency in the industry, S3, a financial services software and market structure analytics firm has developed its interest in analytics products. The company has recently announced their signing with TradeStation Securities, Inc. to strengthen its execution of Best Analytics platform for both equities and options. As company continues to flourish its client base of retail brokers, banks, exchanges and market makers, broker-dealers, and institutions, the agreement will scale the company's growth.

The analytics platform assists in understanding the factors that impacts best execution, which is climacteric in order to navigate today's complex market structure. Additionally, the fully customizable software includes regulatory reporting capabilities, allowing users to better comply with regulatory mandates, and SEC Rule 605 and 606 are included. TradeStation would be third major retail broker that has been added by S3 to its client base this year. The Company continues to expand and in order to support this growth it plans to increase the staff count and enhance its back-end bandwidth, ensuring delivery of complete and uninterrupted service for all clients.

"Transparency is on an ever-increasing path and I don't see that ending anytime soon. The reality is people want to better understand what's going on with everything in their lives and capital markets decisions they make is obviously no exception to that," Mark Davies, CEO of S3, tells WatersTechnology.

He added, the large push for more regulations and interest in transaction cost analysis means companies have to "prove they're giving clients the best possible executions, the best bang for their buck." Davies told S3 has worked with TradeStation before the broker chose them as a data software provider.

S3's market structure analysis tools have implementation to the precise specifications of every client from the get-go of engagement, providing customers the exact reporting capabilities that suiting their business. The real-time software solutions make the order management process more intelligible, hence promotes for better trade execution.

"We offer our customers the ability to conduct multiple comparisons across a variety of metrics for each data set, allowing them to understand those factors impacting best execution at a deep level. We look forward to providing TradeStation with the exact analytical and information that best suits the firm's trading goals, and continue to grow internally," concluded Mr. Davies.

While aiding firms to achieve best execution and regulatory compliance via detailed data analysis, the company anticipates improvement in the functionality of its software on an ongoing basis.