SaaS Security Startup Vorstack Secures $5.2 Million
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SaaS Security Startup Vorstack Secures $5.2 Million

By CIOReview | Monday, May 5, 2014

FREMONT, CA: SaaS security startup, Vorstack has secured $5.2 million in a recent venture funding. The financing round was led by Glenn McGonnigle and Tom Noonan of TechOperators and also includes participation from security providers like EMC Ventures and Aligned Partners.

Glenn McGonnigle, General Partner of TechOperators and new Vorstack board member says, “Companies across all industries are beginning to understand the need to collaborate in their defense against cyber-threats”.

Vorstack delivers automated and controlled processes that reduce the time and effort to find relevant threats, lowering the risk of sharing intelligence and making network safer from intrusion. Jon Oltsik, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group says, “The more security information that can be automatically absorbed and shared by a company’s IT department, the better they will be at staying one step ahead of the bad guys and protecting their assets.”

According to Joe Eandi, Vorstack Chief Executive, with the help of Vorstack’s SaaS product, cyber threats are analyzed and prioritized in real time.By using secured threat collaboration coupled with sophisticated automatic threat analysis, Vorstack’s platform speeds discovery time and reduces the risk of cyber security threats. In an interview with Richard Byrne Reilly for VentureBeat Joe Eandi, said, “We use virtualization very effectively. Installing Vorstack inside your network allows you to integrate Splunk and Hadoop, for example. Where are you securing your log and security data?”