SafetyChain Software to Eliminate Manual FSQA Data Entry Using SafetyChain Mobile

By CIOReview | Monday, April 20, 2015

SAN RAFAEL, CA: SafetyChain Software, a provider of Food Safety Chain Management Systems with the help of SafetyChain Mobile – a true mobile FSQA application that operates on smart phones and tablets, is trying its best to eliminate the manual FSQA data entry at the source.

SafetyChain Mobile provides functionality across SafetyChain’s dedicated platform for automating food safety and quality along the entire supply chain – including solutions for Supplier Compliance/Vendor Approval Programs; Food Safety & Quality Management, HACCP / HARPC and Customer Specification Management; and Regulatory / GFSI Program Management and Audit On-Demand.

SafetyChain Mobile has the ability to: Capture real-time food safety and quality assurance data through online forms at the earliest point possible; Speed food safety and quality root cause analysis and accelerate response to non-conformances; Digitally document direct observations; Facilitate real-time reporting from the field, plant floor, receiving dock or store; Ensure Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed from auto-scheduling alerts received on mobile devices; and Eliminates language barriers for field inspections.

One of the key benefits of SafetyChain Mobile is that it eliminates manual food safety and quality clipboard forms while improving process workflow. It also communicates actionable food safety and quality data for decisions on CAPAs and has on-demand access to KPI tracking and trend analysis.

SafetyChain Mobile gets the right food safety and quality data to the right people in the fastest manner possible – it helps keep production lines moving while ensuring safety and quality standard; Reduces waste and hold times while also moving product faster to the next point in your process or value chain; Eliminates manual entry; Reduces the time it takes to prepare for audits or inspections; and Promotes ease of onsite supplier audits.